Many thanks for choosing an AnnLouise Landelius bag.

The bag is made of luxurious leather that will age beautifully in a natural process and marks should not be considered as imperfections. When you start using the bag it can bleed until the wax has emerged, especially when it’s hot. Therefore it’s wise not to wear the bag over white clothes in the beginning.

To take the best care of your leather bag we recommend you to impregnate it and occasionally treat the bag with leather fat. To clean the leather simply use a damp and soft cloth, never rub it with rough materials. If your bag gets wet, let it dry in the air and treat it with leather fat.

For suede. use a protective spray meant for suede. If the suede is stained use a special brush for suede leather and spray it with protection spray again. Do not use leather fat on the suede and remember that suede do not like water and rain.

Brass is polished by using it, so you don’t need to treat it.

Regarding bag No 21- 22 and No 30-32; go through the bag from time to time and tighten up the screws.

When not using your bag store it in a soft pouch and fill it with paper (not newspaper which will smear) to maintain its shape.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at